Life before Mercury College

Before Victoria moved to South Yorkshire, she lived in Scotland. Through most of her childhood Victoria travelled to many countries with her Mum. Following the sudden death of her mum, Victoria moved to a respite service, this was not what she or her mum would have wanted for her future. Although Victoria had built excellent relationships with the people she lived with and the people who supported her she wanted a place to call home and to go to college. After a careful search Victoria and her support team decided that Mercury College would be the right place for her. Mercury College is a residential College, where students live in houses near the college campus. Support workers provide support for the students at college as well as home. The residential and supported living teams and the college team work closely together to ensure that learning is transferred between college and home.

Outcomes set before coming to Mercury College

Victoria wanted to live in a house where she could be part of a community. She was also excited to go to college to make friends with people of a similar age and to feel included and a part of something worthwhile and meaningful to her.

Behind the scenes, teams from Victoria’s home authority and the Mercury College inter-disciplinary team worked closely to plan a successful move. Care, education and therapy teams worked closely with the team in the respite service. The transition plan involved many visits to and from for both Victoria, her new support staff and her existing support network.

In May 2023 Victoria moved into her new home in walking distance of Mercury College. The Mercury College team worked closely with Victoria to understand her aspirations and goals for her future. From this, her individual timetable was developed and her study programme was trialled over the first half term. This included working on skills that Victoria had identified as being important to her, in particular, using public transport to go shopping. Her timetable also included activities to increase her independence skills and business enterprise. She also enjoyed tailored enrichment sessions to try out lots of different leisure activities with a focus on health and fitness.

Life now

Victoria has settled well into college life and her new home. She is enjoying making her home her own and putting her personal stamp upon it. She has developed lots of new skills within day to day living and is increasingly independent with these. Victoria has also built strong relationships with her fellow students, she enjoys regular karaoke sessions with her friends and loves to invite people over to share a meal.

Victoria is part of a catering and hospitality group that runs a café in college. This has since led to regular work experience at a community café near her home. Victoria has also really enjoyed the business enterprise class and being part of the ‘Mercury Ink’ enterprise. She also supported the running of a Christmas market stall selling the products she helped create. Victoria is actively involved in all aspects of college life. She is is an enthusiastic member of the student council and recently she was on the interview panel for a potential candidate for a new Tutor position.

What’s next?

In three years time Victoria will be ready to move on from the transitional service and adult education. Her time at Mercury College is focused on equipping her for the next stage of her life. Victoria wants to have her own home and to have a job. We have every confidence that with the right support and preparation she will achieve this.

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