Specialist Supported Living


We provide a specialist supported living service for young adults (18-25) with learning disabilities, often in association with autism and complex care needs, including behaviours of concern.

Our Specialist Supported Living service situated in Denaby, Doncaster. We offer a range of accommodation in partnership with social landlords enabling us to provide supported living to young adults engaged in our college learning programmes.

At our Specialist Supported Living service our mission is to enhance the lives of the people we support by focusing on their individual needs, strengths and aspirations. We aim to enable each person to maximise their potential and achieve a progressively more independent and better quality of life; supporting people to get to a place where they have greater choice and control in their lives.

Moving to a new home should be an exciting and positive experience. But before moving in, we need to be as certain as possible that our Specialist Supported Living service will be a good choice for a person. We want to fully understand their needs and wishes and ensure moving to their new home is the exciting, positive experience it should be. You can find out more about our referrals and moving in process here.

Our Specialist Supported Living service is registered as a supported living care provider, meaning we can provide personal care in people’s own homes. The standard of care and support we will offer is of the highest standards, which is why all our supported living accommodation is run to exceed the standards set out by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), who regulate care provision in England.

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