Specialist Supported Living


With houses on ordinary residential streets, our Specialist Supported Living service gives access to a range of local amenities and leisure. Strong community links have been developed. People go to local shops, pubs and restaurants building strong relationships with those working there.

To support community access, we use public transport to promote travel skills and independence.

From our central location in South Yorkshire, we provide opportunities to explore a wide range of places and activities including holidays at locations around the UK.


Sat in the heart of its community, our Specialist Supported Living service supports people in modern, high quality accommodation fitted out to the highest standards.

Choosing where to live and who to live with is a fundamental part of feeling in control of your life. At our Specialist Supported Living services we support people to live in an environment they choose and that meets their needs, often helping people move from residential care or family homes into their own home or a house shared with friends.

We offer a range of newly refurbished properties comprising large and spacious options of single or shared occupancy homes depending on needs and choice:

  • modern, SMART homes with user friendly appliances and features throughout
  • a spare bedroom within the home for family or guests
  • homes within a community with easy access to public transport
  • easy access to local amenities, doctors, chemist, supermarket and smaller stores


People are encouraged to personalise their homes and make them calm and enjoyable places to live and relax. Each house has its own living room, dining room, kitchen and opens out to private garden areas. All furnishings provide a warm, comfortable and homely feel.

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