We offer person-centred education and support

Including a full range of Therapeutic Services based on site, for students in an environment that complements their individual needs, capabilities and aspirations whilst allowing them the opportunity to progress and reach their full potential.

Mercury College opens up a range of community learning opportunities for all of its students. We have a range of different learning environments, classrooms and well-equipped learning spaces to complement the wide variety of available activities and to create positive learning opportunities.

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Opening up a range of learning opportunities

Currently, the college is based at two campuses in the city of Doncaster, South Yorkshire. Each is in very different surroundings.

Flora is set on the outskirts of a rural village, whilst Juno is in the heart of a community. The curriculum offer at each campus takes full advantage of what their very different surrounding areas have to offer.

Students at Mercury College will be able to say:

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We welcome all feedback to enable us to consistently review our services to ensure we are providing the best possible standards for everyone studying with and working for us

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